Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Updates and Observations

Sorry for the lack of posting over here, these last couple of weeks have been really busy! I spent a little bit of time in Nebraska, then had some Nebraskans up to visit, and both weekends were great fun. Now I'm just trying to get back into the swing of real life...

Inevitably, while catching up with people in NE, I also get caught up on the lives of their pets. I talked to a handful of people who still haven't made the switch to grain-free food, even though they are having problems with their cats that would be improved or eliminated by switching. C'mon guys, what are you waiting for? I wouldn't talk about it all the time if it didn't make such a huge impact on the health and well being of your kitty! Good health starts with good nutrition!

Need a refresher?
How Grain Free Food Changed Our Lives
Feeding Time!

You Omaha kids are especially out of excuses, because now you you have your own Soggy Paws!

And of course we have three of them here in Chicago: http://www.soggypaws.com/

Really though, it doesn't matter if you buy it at my favorite pet store or not, what matters is that your cats will be healthier after you switch to a grain-free diet. My lovely friend Melody, who came to visit last weekend, hadn't seen my cats in about two and a half years. She couldn't believe how different most of them look. Slimmer, softer, even more cuddly, it's because of switching to grain-free.

Now, in other news...

Kristal, I'm so sorry about Cinnamon! It's hard to lose a friend you've had for so long and I hope you're doing alright. He was a beautiful cat!

Next, a quick update on Bob – he seemed like he was doing a little better, but is now having a lot of ulcer flair ups again. I'm more than a little upset about it. Send your love and if you've had to deal with a similar issue, send any advice you may have!

And before this post gets out-of-control depressing, Harry would like me to remind you all how sweet and cute he is...

See? Look at that face.

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