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Hi, I'm Jeny. Cats are my favorite. I have had cats for all but two years of my life, and those were my toddler years, so I can't even remember how miserable I know I must have been without them.
My family includes eight cats, ranging in age from 3-11, two wonderful dogs, and my allergic-to-cats husband (who magically didn't run away when he found out how many cats I had). When people learn about our family they usually have some questions, here are the most common ones: 
Do they get along? They do. Sometimes there are spats like in any family, but you are far more likely to come across some cat and/or dog cuddle piles.
Does your house stink? Could a non-cat person walk into my house and tell that cats live there, more than likely (like how before I had dogs I was able to smell "dog smell" if I went into a dog owners house). But my house doesn't smell nasty thank you very much, and first time visitors have been known to express their surprise on that.

Why? I love them! They have such fun and interesting personalities. Watching them interact provides me with endless hours of entertainment. Anyone who has sat in my house for an hour has heard me loudy interupt a conversation to exclaim "Look how cute my cats are!

My cat household hasn't always run so smoothly, we've been learning as we go. You better believe the litter boxes didn't get cleaned everyday when my brother and I shared that chore growing up. I used to feed them completly differently. I didn't understand the importance of vertical space. There were all sorts of little cat rules I was breaking that I didn't even know existed.  

My childhood bedroom, complete with cat photo collage,
Cat Fancy pull out poster, and cat border painted by my mom.
The cat on the birdcage is Belle, best cat ever,
who passed away on 12/31/08.

Baby me, happy about cats!

I didn't go to school for cats and have no official education in regards to them, but with the varied experiences I've had in my own cat family (not to mention how many books I've read about them!) I've learned a few things. I really enjoy sharing the knowledge I've gained with others, so, with a little prodding from my friend, Britt, I decided to start this blog. I hope you enjoy it!
Hit me up if you have any questions, feel free to share your own experiences in the comments, and give your cat a kiss from me!

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