Friday, October 5, 2012

I may have a chronic cat saving problem. Like just a couple days ago when I sat in my friend's front lawn with my helmet on and my bike sprawled across the sidewalk for 15 minutes because I was talking to a little black and white kitty with an owie on it's side, trying to get it to come close enough to me to see if it needed help or not. (I only gave up because the neighbor decided that was the perfect time to start mowing their lawn. Running lawn mowers don't help much in cat-catching circumstances.)

There are times I just can't find the off button to stop talking about cats. For example, a couple of friends of ours moved in around the corner from us. I went to their impromptu housewarming party for about 20 minutes and spent nearly the entire time talking to Doug about cats and cat food. (Worth it - I converted two people to grain free feeding that night!) Or at our grill out/get together last Saturday, where two girls who had never met me were forced to endure my cat talk for way longer than they could have ever imagined when the conversation started. Sometimes I come on too strong. I can tell I'm losing them by the look in their eyes, but I just. can't. stop. talking.

I'm not crazy, just passionate. (And possibly a bit overbearing.)

With cats as cute as this, how could I not be?

So here's the deal - I need you to help me be more fun at parties. Learn about grain free feeding, so when I start on some cat diatribe, you can look at me and say "Dude, chill, I already know about all this. Grain free cat food changed my life too." Look at the ingredients listed on your bag of cat food. Are they appropriate for carnivores? Is the food being marketed to you as being great and healthy for your cats actually good for them? The very best, most amazing thing I ever did for my cat family was change the way I feed them. I implore you to do the same. Seriously. It's the best.